In an effort to further our clients’ and colleagues’ interests and address a market need, Polsinelli created a platform for facilitating opportunity zone deals. We bring together investors, fund sponsors and those deploying capital into Qualified Opportunity Zones to take advantage of this new investment class and join with others looking to close their next deal. Connect with us and plug into a  network of likeminded individuals that share the goal of sourcing deals in a fast and more efficient environment.


About Opportunity Zones

In December 2017, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which, among many other wide-ranging tax reforms, established a new program that promotes long-term investments in low-income areas, with the goal of stimulating development in these economically distressed communities. This program allows taxpayers to postpone and potentially decrease the tax on federal capital gains by re-investing the capital gains in low-income communities designated as “Qualified Opportunity Zones”.

Polsinelli is at the forefront of opportunity zones, helping to develop final administrative rules and guidance. Although final rules aren’t yet in place, there are still substantial opportunities. Working extensively with Economic Innovation Group (EIG), our team considers it an imperative to stay apprised of regulatory updates that may affect our clients’ goals, and continue to lead on emerging deal structures.

 Get involved today and capitalize on Opportunity Zones’ tax-deferred investment incentives.